What does this mean for the average person?

 Everyone, especially seniors who may be at increased risk of complications, should care about hospital readmissions because they can occur for a variety of reasons.
There could be a complication that arises and causes issues. There may be some other underlying health issue the doctor was unable to discover when their patient was in the hospital.

A person can contract an illness, such as the flu, which can complicate recovery and for the elderly that may become life threatening quickly. This may require a readmission to the hospital.

A common complication is not following doctor’s instructions. This could mean not following through with physical therapy, changing the recommended diet, taking medications appropriately, not going to doctor’s appointments. These, and other things, increase your chance of readmission.

So, what to do?

Some of us rely on family members and friends for support, but most don’t have the experience helping a senior through this type of situation. Some things can be overlooked, opportunities can be missed.
That’s why it’s so important to rely on a local home care agency for the proper support. Reducing the chances of needing to be readmitted helps promote a healthier recovery and get back to the life he or she knew as quickly as possible.

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