SILVERcare has provided home care in Greenville, NC, Washington NC, and Kinston NC since 1993. Our in-home assistance and personal care services are for everyone who needs it, including the elderly, disabled, and injured. We pride ourselves in providing some of the best home care services and stand behind our team. Many people have a hard time deciding on whether home care is the right option for either themselves or their family members. We want you to have all the tools you need to help decide, so we want to provide a list of reasons why you should consider home care today.

1. You’ll Keep Your Independence

The greatest fear that many seniors have about the aging process is the loss of their independence. With a great home care service, professionals will give the exact care and support that most seniors need without overstepping boundaries. Individuals will have full access to their homes where they will feel the most comfortable and safe.

2. Family Members Can Be More Involved in Home Care

Having home care is a more personals and customizable level of care. When you have a home care professional you have the flexibility and creativity to tailor the services to your specific needs and desires. SILVERcare is passionate about promoting healthy family relationships by making it easier for families and clients to stay connected and involved in home care.

3. You’ll Experience a Higher Morale

Home care is more than just about medical assistance; home care is about daily living. SILVERcare provides personal care, transitional care, recreational activities, light housekeeping, care management, security checks, and peace of mind. Having care where you feel like you’re in control is important for morale and overall well-being.

How SILVERcare Can Help

SILVERcare is a locally owned home care service in Greenville, NC, Washington NC, and Kinston NC. We are a family-run business in every sense of the word. Our 24 hour on-call availability makes us readily accessible 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you think that home care is the right fit for you and your family, then contact us today!

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