SILVERcare specializes in home care in Kinston, Washington, and Greenville, NC, and we care about both physical and mental health in our clients. Depression can happen at any age. According to the CDC,

Older adults are at increased risk [for depression]. We know that about 80% of older adults have at least one chronic health condition, and 50% have two or more. Depression is more common in people who also have other illnesses (such as heart disease or cancer) or whose function becomes limited.

Often times older adults don’t ask for help because their depression can be seen as reactions to their change in lifestyle that comes with age. They may have trouble asking for help because they attribute depression with just “sadness,” but depression comes in many forms and has many different symptoms. If you notice a change in behavior and overall mood in your loved one, then you may need to facilitate a visit with a mental health professional. Depression does not have to be a normal part of getting older. Depression is a medical condition that does have treatment options. Here are 8 red flags that you should be aware of.

1.A Negative Outlook

If you find that your loved one has had a consistent negative outlook on their situation for a prolonged period of time, then it may be depression. This negative outlook can manifest in their speech. You may find that your loved one constantly says things like:

  • “I feel like a burden”
  • “ I feel so guilty”
  • “It doesn’t matter”

Sometimes it’s normal to be negative for a period of time, but if you find that this mood persists, then it’s time to consult a professional.

2. Difficulty Sleeping and Fatigue

You may find that your loved one is has a hard time falling asleep at night but can barely stay awake during the day. You may also notice complaints about “just not having the energy.” Any sleep disturbances or general fatigue could be a sign of depression.

3. Sadness

You may notice that your loved one is suffering and upset for “no good reason.” You’ll witness that they can’t explain what is causing their sadness, or that they just can’t shake this feeling away. This can also manifest as constant anxiety or feelings of emptiness.

4. Sudden Weight Change

Depression can manifest in a lot of different ways. Sometimes people will have a lack of appetite while others may indulge in overeating. Try to look out for a sudden change in diet or any weight loss or gain in your loved one.

5. Isolation

Your loved one will suddenly have a lack of interests in hobbies that they loved. You may find that they prefer to spend time watching TV in isolation rather than spending time with people they care about.

How SILVERcare Can Help

SILVERcare specializes inhome care in Kinston, Washington, and Greenville, NC, and we care about both physical and mental health in our clients. SILVERcare offers a customizable health plan that fits both you and your family. We give seniors the support and provide peace of mind to our clients and their families.

In addition, our caregivers provide companionship, help seniors to maintain their social skills, and help them feel less isolated. We want to help our clients with all abilities. We will make a plan to tackle any type of home care that our clients require. We offer care in the comfort of your home, up to 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us today


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