SILVERcare provides home care in Greenville, NC, Washington NC, and Kinston NC. With the scorching summer heat here, swimming is a great way to cool off and stay fit. Here are some of the benefits of swimming and water aerobics as an exercise for senior citizens:

  • The risk of injury is much lower with swimming than most other exercises. More specifically, the risk of falls, a leading cause of injury in senior citizens, is significantly reduced with water exercise as compared to more traditional exercises.
  • Not only are seniors less likely to get injured while swimming than with other exercises, water exercise also lessens their chance of falling in their everyday activities, because it promotes balance and strength (especially in your core muscles).
  • Water exercises such as swimming and aerobics promote flexibility, cardiovascular health, and endurance.
  • For aching or weak joints and muscles, water exercises add resistance to your workout without straining those same joints and muscles.
  • Water aerobic classes promote socialization and help to combat loneliness in senior citizens.

For all of your home care needs, contact us at SILVERcare. For more information about the many benefits of water exercises, visit LiveScience’s article.

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