SILVERcare is a locally owned, licensed home care agency, providing quality home care in Kinston, NC. We were established in 1993 in Greenville, North Carolina. We provide in-home assistance and personal care services to the elderly, disabled and injured. We like to think of ourselves as mature America’s best friend.
For many of the elderly, aging can be a lonely process as many senior citizens live by themselves and do not leave their home as often as they used to. One great way to combat this loneliness and isolation is through pet ownership.
Pets offer both physical and mental health benefits for the elderly. When it comes to physical health, pets encourage their owners to spend more time outside participating in physical activity such as walking and playing catch. Pets also help to lower their owner’s blood pressure by reducing stress and increasing happiness.
When it comes to the mental health benefits of pet ownership, there are quite a few. Not only can pets help to alleviate feelings of depression, they can also reduce stress and offer companionship and a sense of purpose to their owners. Pets can even open doors to social interaction with other pet owners at dog parks, the vet, etc.
Although pets can offer a wide array of benefits for senior citizens, pet ownership should also be a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Pets require attention, responsibility, and financial burdens. So, before adopting a pet, you must be sure that you are physically, mentally, and financially able and ready to do so. If owning a pet isn’t a viable option, you can always volunteer at pet shelters to have some interaction with some four-legged friends.
For more information about the benefits of pet ownership for the elderly, visit Aging Care’s article on the topic.
For all of your home care needs, for the elderly, disabled, and injured, in and around Kinston, NC, contact us at SILVERcare.

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