SILVERcare of Washington, NC is a locally owned, licensed home care agency that was established in 1993 in Greenville, North Carolina. We provide in-home assistance and personal care services to the elderly, disabled and injured. We like to think of ourselves as mature America’s best friend.
In the age of technology, a new class of criminals has emerged. Instead of breaking into homes or robbing banks, there is a group of burglars who are stealing money from people through the internet. Even worse, some cyber criminals go as far as to steal someone’s identity altogether, often times completely ruining their credit along the way.
Whether someone is using your identity to open up credit cards or get free medical care, identity theft is something that you want to avoid at all costs. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help protect yourself from identity theft. Here are some security tips from

  • Be very careful with your social security number. Before you give this information out, check to make sure that you’re giving it to a valid company in a secure manner. You also want to keep your social security card in a safe place, such as a safe in your home.
  • Keep an eye on all of your bank accounts. Check them regularly to make sure you don’t see any suspicious activity. If you do notice something off, contact your bank immediately.
  • Make sure that your computer and phone are secure. Install anti-viral systems and create complex passwords for all of your accounts.
  • Annually check your credit report to make sure that no accounts have been opened without your knowledge.
  • Keep all documents with your personal information secure. When it’s time to dispose of these documents, shred them before throwing them away.

For a company that cares about mature America, give us a call at SILVERcare– the trusted providers of quality home care in Washington, NC.

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