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The snow this time of year can be beautiful when you are admiring it from the warmth and safety of your home. However, when you have to go somewhere in the snow, it can pose some issues. Everyone should take extra precautions when going outside in wintry weather, but especially those who are at a higher risk for falls and injuries: the elderly, disabled, and injured.

If snow is in the forecast, it’s a good idea to prepare for power outages. Make sure that you have a supply of flashlights, extra batteries, and water.

It’s best to avoid going out in the snow, but if you must, have someone clear your steps and sidewalk of any snow or ice. Before snow falls, you can spread salt on your sidewalk to help with this. When going outside in the snow or ice, wear shoes that have good traction to help prevent any slips or falls in the wintry weather.

Make sure that your car is serviced and maintained before wintry weather hits. You will want to make sure that your have plenty of gas before you travel anywhere. It’s also important that your windshield wipers are working and that your tires are in good condition.

It’s always best to have someone help you get out and about in the snow. If you’re looking for an extra hand this winter, call the home care professionals at SILVERcare in Greenville, NC.

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