SILVERcare is a locally owned, licensed home care agency, providing quality home care in Washington, NC. We were established in 1993 in Greenville, North Carolina. We provide in-home assistance and personal care services to the elderly, disabled and injured. We like to think of ourselves as mature America’s best friend.

The past few months have been tough on many people, not just in the US, but across the world. With the spread of COVID-19, many people have had to stay indoors and avoid others to keep themselves and their community safe. The elderly are especially vulnerable during this time, and it’s important that they practice social distancing. 

While social distancing is the best thing for your physical health, it can get lonely. That’s why it’s important to stay connected, now more than ever. Staying connected might take a little more creativity right now than it usually does, but it’s still totally possible. 

During this time, social media is a great way to stay connected with friends near and far. You can browse videos and photos that your friends have posted and check in with them virtually to see how they’re doing. There are also a number of websites and apps that allow you to video chat with your loved ones for free.

If you’re looking for a more personal touch, now is the perfect time to bring back the tradition of pen pals. Send a handwritten letter or a cheerful card to your friends and family to let them know that you’re thinking about them.

Another great idea is to throw a neighborhood block party, where everyone in your neighborhood eats dinner outside in their front lawns or their driveways. That way, you can keep in touch with your neighbors while still practicing social distancing.

At SILVERcare, we are mature America’s best friend, and we are here to support you during COVID-19 and beyond. Give us a call today to learn about our quality home care services in the Washington, NC area.

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